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1 My name is Juan and I _____ from Spain.
a) is
b) be
c) are
d) am

2 Where _____?
a) does he work
b) he works
c) he does work
d) works he

3 Who did -_____ at the party?
a) you saw
b) you see
c) saw you
d) see

4 Tokyo is _____ city I’ve ever lived in.
a) the most big
b) the bigger
c) the biggest
d) the more big

5 Is she the woman _____ husband is a famous musician?
a) which
b) that
c) who
d) whose

6 The police wanted to know exactly how the money _____ stolen from the bank.
a) is
b) was
c) gets
d) did

7 By the time Mary gets here, the movie _____.
a) will finish
b) is going to finish
c) will have finished
d) is finishing

8 I wish I _____ in such a cold country!
a) didn’t live
b) haven’t lived
c) won’t live
d) am not living

9 If Jack _____ music, he wouldn’t have become a concert pianist.
a) hadn’t studied
b) didn’t study
c) wouldn’t have studied
d) hasn’t studied

10 I always go to the movies _____ Fridays.
a) on
b) in
c) at
d) by

11 Hannah’s a really _____ person. She’s always smiling.
a) sensible
b) interesting
c) talkative
d) cheerful

12 Laura rarely leaves the house without _____her make-up on.
a) doing
b) putting
c) having
d) getting

13 Harry _____ his father’s car when the accident happened.
a) was driving
b) drove
c) had driven
d) has been driving

14 If I _____ you had cancelled the meeting I wouldn’t have turned up!
a) knew
b) have known
c) had known
d) know

15 I like your hair. Where _____?
a) cut you it
b) did you have it cut
c) do you cut it
d) have it cut

16 I think Joey must _____ late tonight. His office light is still on.
a) have worked
b) work
c) be working
d) to work

17 John tells me Jack’s going out with Helen, _____ I find hard to believe.
a) that
b) who
c) whose
d) which

18 We _____ to the new house by the end of the week, so we won’t be here next Sunday.
a) will have moved
b) will be moving
c) will move
d) are moving

19 Did you hear what happened to Kate? She _____.
a) is arrested
b) arrested
c) has been arrested
d) is being arrested

20 My sister _____ the cooking in our house.
a) does
b) makes
c) cooks
d) takes

21 If you _____ me, what would you do?
a) was
b) would be
c) were
d) have been

22 John and Betty are coming to visit us tomorrow but I wish _____.
a) they won’t
b) they hadn’t
c) they didn’t
d) they weren’t

23 I’m so hungry! If only Bill _____ all the food in the fridge!
a) wasn’t eating
b) didn’t eat
c) hadn’t eaten
d) hasn’t eaten

24 I regret _____ harder in school.
a) not studying
b) not to study
c) to not study
d) not have studied

25 Surely Sue _____ you if she was unhappy with your work.
a) will tell
b) would have told
c) must have told
d) had told

26 Our neighbours aren’t very polite, and _____ particularly quiet!
a) neither they aren’t
b) either they aren’t
c) nor are they
d) neither did they be

27 We had expected that they _____ fluent English, but in fact they didn’t.
a) were speaking
b) would speak
c) had spoken
d) spoke

28 Can you give me a _____ with my bag.
a) leg
b) back
c) hand
d) head

29 The meeting was _____ and not very interesting.
a) time-wasting
b) time-consuming
c) time-using
d) out of time

30 After the movie was released, the main _____ point was its excessive use of violence.
a) discussion
b) speaking
c) conversation
d) talking